Belin Law Firm

Belin Law is a boutique firm that specializes in legal services and assistance for entrepreneurs, physicians and other medical professionals. Leveraging the latest technology and virtual tools (for example, branded networks, SaaS and just-in-time methods), we are able to provide support to our clients quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We rarely bill by the hour, preferring to use flat and alternative fee structures that focus on value given. This allows our clients to budget and plan appropriately without fear of hidden costs or unpredictable invoices.

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Phil Belin is the founder and president of Belin Law Firm in Omaha, Nebraska. Phil specializes in assisting entrepreneurs, physicians and other medical professionals. He works diligently to ensure his clients’ legal issues are addressed so they can focus on what they do best.

Phil is licensed to practice law in Nebraska and Texas, and graduated from Princeton University and Southern Methodist University School of Law. Phil played college basketball at Princeton, participating in two NCAA tournaments. Originally from Los Angeles, he now calls Omaha home with his wife and four children. When not assisting clients, Phil can be found home-schooling his children, serving as an elder at Grace Reformed Church, working on the board of directors with Open Door Mission and coaching youth basketball at Omaha Sports Academy, where he is a co-founder and owner.

Phil is an entrepreneur - he not only manages Belin Law Firm but also is a co-founder and co-owner at Omaha Sports Academy.

“As an entrepreneur and husband to a successful pediatrician myself, I’m drawn to help other entrepreneurs and those in the medical field. In this respect, my work at Belin Law is simply an extension of who I am and my own passions. I work hard to give my clients the best service, customized to their individual needs.”

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We hope to make our clients’ lives easier and help them to be more productive. We do this by talking shop in plain English, no legalese, so that every client has a clear understanding of our advice. We also are flexible, working around the demanding schedules of entrepreneurs and medical professionals. Whether the call is at 1:00pm or 9:00pm, we are there to help.

Entrepreneurs / New Businesses

  • Business entity startup, formation and incorporation
  • General corporate counsel
  • Contract drafting, review and negotiation
  • Corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and employment contracts and agreements
  • Technology advisory

Physicians / Medical Professionals

  • General counsel
  • Labor and employment contracts and agreements
  • HIPAA standards, regulation and compliance
  • Technology advisory
  • Governmental regulation and compliance
  • Medical partnership formations and modifications
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“Handling our business’s day to day legal issues used to be fairly challenging. Phil has made the process much simpler. He has taken the time to really understand how our business works and as a result has become a valued adviser and confidant. Our arrangement with his firm allows us to properly budget predictable costs for our legal services.”

Michael J. Cox, President and CEO, Asset Appraisal Services, Inc.

“I am impressed with the work that Phil has done for our business, which just celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Phil is comprehensive but not excessive. And enjoyable to work with.”

Kelly Loneman, President and CEO, Image Market

“As a startup, your main focus is on building a viable business — not the legal to-do list. We couldn’t afford to shift our focus away from building a remarkable product for even a moment. So what we needed most from an attorney was simplicity. Phil made it easy — even though we threw him a few curve-balls. I loved knowing what the final bill would be going into the engagement. And I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his firm to other new startups.”

Phil Haussler, Founder and Co-owner, MarbleSpark

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Belin Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O.

Omaha, Nebraska