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Belin Law is a boutique firm that specializes in legal services for entrepreneurs and medical professionals.  These services include start-up phase (e.g., entity formation or negotiating a client’s first employment opportunity), operations phase (e.g., preparing customer/vendor contracts) or long-term planning (e.g., estate planning).  Leveraging the latest technology and virtual tools, we are able to provide support to our clients quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We rarely bill by the hour, preferring to use flat and alternative fee structures that focus on value given. This allows our clients to budget and plan appropriately without fear of hidden costs or unpredictable invoices.

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Phil Belin is the founder and president of Belin Law Firm in Omaha, Nebraska. Phil specializes in assisting entrepreneurs and medical professionals. He works diligently to ensure his clients’ legal issues are addressed so they can focus on what they do best.

Phil is licensed to practice law in Nebraska and Texas, and graduated from Princeton University and Southern Methodist University School of Law. Phil played college basketball at Princeton, participating in two NCAA tournaments. Originally from Los Angeles, he now calls Omaha home with his wife and four children. When not assisting clients, Phil can be found home-schooling his children; serving as an elder at Grace Central Church; or working on the board of directors of Songs for Saplings and Trinity Classical Academy.  Phil is also a former board member of the Open Door Mission and was co-founder of Omaha Sports Academy.

Phil is an entrepreneur - he not only manages Belin Law Firm but also co-founded Omaha Sports Academy, and is involved in other start-ups in the education and real-estate sectors.

“As an entrepreneur and husband to a successful pediatrician myself, I’m drawn to help other entrepreneurs and those in the medical field. In this respect, my work at Belin Law is simply an extension of who I am and my own passions. I work hard to give my clients the best service, customized to their individual needs.”

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We hope to make our clients’ lives easier and help them to be more productive. We do this by talking shop in plain English, no legalese, so that every client has a clear understanding of our advice. We also are flexible, working around the demanding schedules of entrepreneurs and medical professionals. Whether the call is at 1:00pm or 9:00pm, we are there to help.

Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

  • Business entity startup, formation and incorporation
  • General corporate counsel
  • Contract drafting, review and negotiation
  • Corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and employment contracts and agreements
  • Technology advisory
  • Succession and estate planning

Physicians / Medical Professionals

  • General counsel
  • Labor and employment contracts and agreements
  • HIPAA standards, regulation and compliance
  • Technology advisory
  • Governmental regulation and compliance
  • Medical partnership formations and modifications
  • Estate planning
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“Phil has handled several employment and business matters for our small business.  He is through, understanding and relates to us well.  We are very happy with his services.  He is also a frequent diner at our restaurant!"”

Kusum Bhalla, Owner, Maharaja Indian Cuisine

“I really appreciate all the attention and care Phil and his team provided. My situation was on a very fast timeline and required rapid responses. Phil provided me with everything I needed in a very expedited and thorough manner. All this, over a major holiday. This professionalism is commendable. I will send Phil's information to colleagues who are also in need of good contract work. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I have already thanked my friend for referring me to Phil. As I do not understand legal contracts very well, and have been on the receiving end of some bad contracts, it is very appreciated having someone who can look out for my interests.”

Dr. Paul D.

“I initially sought Phil's counsel to review an employment contract for me about 15 months ago. Phil was very professional throughout the process, explained things in simple terms, and pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of the contract. With his guidance, I was able to negotiate better compensation and fringe benefits, but also (perhaps most importantly) terms that would protect me should certain things go wrong. Fast forward to 1 month ago. My employer said they unilaterally were going to decrease my compensation substantially. I was alarmed and angry, but after calming down, I contacted Phil. I recalled that he had helped me negotiate specific terms to protect me in this exact type of situation. He was extremely responsive and told me that the employer's actions simply violated the terms we had negotiated. He also coached me on talking to the employer, who eventually backed down and reinstated my compensation ... which I credit Phil for. Phil has gained my confidence and earned my respect, and I endorse him wholeheartedly. He is extremely professional and easy to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Dr. Sultan Z.

“I have had the pleasure to be counseled by Phil Belin in two separate occasions for employment contract review. Both times, Phil conducted himself like a true professional with fast turn around. Phil's recommendations have been on point and I have been very pleased with the results. I would recommend Phil without reserve to anybody that needs great representation.”

Dr. Jacques P.

“I am impressed with the work that Phil has done for our business, which just celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Phil is comprehensive but not excessive. And enjoyable to work with.”

Kelly Loneman, President and CEO, Image Market

“As a startup, your main focus is on building a viable business — not the legal to-do list. We couldn’t afford to shift our focus away from building a remarkable product for even a moment. So what we needed most from an attorney was simplicity. Phil made it easy — even though we threw him a few curve-balls. I loved knowing what the final bill would be going into the engagement. And I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his firm to other new startups.”

Phil Haussler, Founder and Co-owner, MarbleSpark
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